Copyright Ailie Rutherford 2015

Crypto-knitting-circles is a new collaboration with Dr. Bettina Nissen (Design Informatics, Edinburgh College of Art) to explore the use of new technologies
for a feminist community cryptocurrency.

Inspired by a shared interest in feminist economics and the potential of cryptocurrency to disrupt established power structures,
workshops use tangible materials to convey and understand the potentials and pitfalls of these new technologies.
Together we are exploring how inclusive feminist values might be encoded in a community currency
working with feminist community exchange project, Swap Market in Govanhill.

Swap Market is a non-monetary exchange space on the Southside of Glasgow that has grown from my work on The People's Bank of Govanhill

In June this year we held Chain Re: Action a knowledge exchange at Platform, Glasgow
bringing together artists, activists and academics to look at how we can combine feminist thinking with new technologies like blockchain

Funded by Creative Scotland Open Project Fund

Photography by Bob Moyler